Parker - Refrigerating Specialties: S4A650NX00X0XPN, 2-1/2", S4A, DN

2-1/2 S4A DN
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This heavy duty solenoid valve is suitable for Ammonia, R-12, R-22, and R-502, other refrigerants, certain oils and other fluids approved for use in refrigeration. The S4A is a pilot operated, semi-steel bodied valve. The valve may be opened by means of the manual opening stem for servicing or in case of electrical power failure. The Type S4A Solenoid Valve is furnished with FPT Internal NPT (U.S. Standard Taper Pipe Thread), Socket Weld, Weld Neck or ODS (solders over copper tubing of given diameter) connections. The valve may be easily removed from between the flanges for servicing. It is advisable to install a strainer upstream of each valve to prevent entrance of foreign material into the valve and the rest of the system. Refrigerating Specialties strainers are available to close-couple to valve inlets.
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Category Solenoid Valves
Condition New
Manufacturer Refrigerating Specialties
Port Size 2 1/2"
Port Size (MM) 65mm
Type S4A
Coil Type No Coil Style AC-No Coil Style
Body Material Ductile Iron (GGG-40.3)
Body Type Flanged
Flange Type No Flange
Strainer Type Without Strainer
Check Valve Type No Check Valve
Valve Material Meets Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)
Plating No Plating
Seat Material Metal
Operation Style None
Flow Coefficient (CV) 75 Cv
Flow Coefficient (KV) 64 Kv
Minimum Operating Capacity Full Capacity
Min Operating Temperature (C) -30 °C
Min Operating Temperature (F) -25 °F
Max Operating Temperature (C) 105 °C
Max Operating Temperature (F) 220 °F
Maximum Rated Pressure (BAR) 28bar
Maximum Rated Pressure (PSIG) 406psig
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