Parker - Refrigerating Specialties: SAN0050TEBCN, 1/2" FPT, ANGLE, XB, CAP

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The complete Industrial Refrigeration line of Hand Shut-Off and Expansion Valves with bolt-on bonnets are designed and built to maintain reliability both in their seating and back seating functions. This entire line is supplied with stainless steel stems for maximum corrosion resistance and back seating capability. A unique carbon filled PTFE seat is standard throughout the line, lending durability to the seating surface. In addition, a dual O-ring stem packing design along with a stem packing seal is standard on all valves 1?4” thru 12” (Shut- Off) and ¼” thru 2” (Expansion). This innovative design seals both the valve stem and bonnet bore with independent O-rings, which are captured in a carbon PTFE carrier. The addition of the packing provides for backup sealing capability in the unlikely event of an O-ring failure. A packing nut design with either 1?4” or 5?16” flats provides a generous wrench engagement area, with little likelihood of “rounding” the flats. With the O-ring cartridge used in all valve bonnets, there will typically be no need to loosen the packing nut when opening or closing a valve. In most cases, stem resistance will be negligible, allowing the valve to be easily repositioned. The extended bonnet is available for globe style valves in the Tee body configuration and in angle style bodies. Valves are available with either hand wheel or seal cap. These caps are exclusive to this series of valves and should not be exchanged with seal caps from other R/S service valves.
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Manufacturer Refrigerating Specialties
Category Shut-Off Valves
Condition New
Port Size 1/2"
Port Size (MM) 13mm
Body Material Cast Steel (A-352 GR, LCB)
Bonnet Extended Bonnet
Connection Style FPT
Valve Style Hand Shut-Off
Plating No Plating
Minimum Fluid Temperature(C) -29 °C
Minimum Fluid Temperature(F) -20 °F
Maximum Fluid Temperature(F) 400 °F
Maximum Fluid Temperature(C) 204 °C
Maximum Pressure (BAR) 27.6bar
Maximum Pressure (psig) 400psig
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