Replacement for A20411-291 Cornell Pump Heater

Pump Heater
SC A20411-291
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Sealcom Shaft Seal Warranty

  • Sealcom, Inc. Warrants all of its products to be free from material and workmanship defects.
  • All products to be within original O.E.M. tolerance.
  • All Material to meet or exceed original O.E.M. longevity specifications.
  • All Warranties are subject to inspections and approval by Sealcom, Inc.
  • All Sealcom products are Warranted to give trouble free wear for a period meeting O.E.M. Warranties PLUS 30 Days.
  • All reconditioned seals have a 90 day Warranty.
  • All Warranty requests must be made to Sealcom, Inc. within thirty (30) days removal from equipment and failed products returned to Sealcom, Inc. within (60) Days of removal from same. No request will be considered beyond this time frame.
  • Damage to products during installation or removal is NOT covered by Warranty.
More Information
Category Shaft Seals
Manufacturer Sealcom
Condition New
Body Forged steel ASTM A105
Stem Packing Graphite composite plus neoprene O-ring in series
Safe Working Pressure 600 PSIG (40 bar)
Operating Temperature -60° to 240°F (-50º to 115ºC)
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